Select and Copy Text From a Protected Website

How to Select or Copy Text From Protected Website
Here Some Tips To Do

 Need To Know.

To Copy or Select a text or content from Protected Website in 6 method that will 100% allows you, (Based on all the website in the word create by web development language and everyone can view the page source of the website and it just some JavaScript codes that can do it or CSS feature..)
Upon few research from google, I get this best result helped me a lot.
Select and Copy Text From a Copy Protected Website

Method 1: (For Browser: Firefox, Chrome & IE only)

This method based on disable JavaScript (awesome language)  in you browser, because this may be code feature so to disable (check the setting to disable some website only – Disable JavaScript total forever not recommended)
  • In Firefox:
    • about:config
    • Accept warning
    • Javascript.enabled
    • Set to FALSE
  • In Chrome
    • Settings
    • Show advanced settings
    • Content Settings
    • Do not allow JavaScript
  • In IE
    • Internet Options
    • Security
    • Internet
    • Custom Level
    • Scripting
    • Disable Active Scripting

Method 2: (All Browser)

Save the webpage to your local drive – try to open that with MS word, Notepad, web browser…
(Check mean bar – try Alt or Right-Click on upper bar)
 Method 3: (All Browser – I used Chrome)
Note: Method 3 and 4 do same thing.
Save the webpage as a PDF file – Is done by printing the webpage as PDF, by right-click and print (Ctrl+P) it will popup an extra page of separate, then select Destination as “Save as PDF” and then “Save”.

Method 4:(All Browser)

Note: Method 3 and 4 do same thing.
Save the webpage as a PDF file – done by Website that convert web page to pdf “WEB2PDF” it is the best website between all in web due to : Link of the website :  web2pdfconvert
    • Its Free
    • Easy to use
    • Download PDF or Save to Google Docs or send by email and more..
    • Many options and specification for wanted website to PDF.
    • Very Fast

Method 5: Chrome Extension (add-on)

The Chrome Extension Name is: Allow Copy, “Here” The link of the extension “Here”
This Extension work in 90% of Protected Website – I tested by myself.
It just work by click on the extension icon in the top left corner in Chrome (extension bar) and after you can select and copy. (Very nice – Very easy to use).

Method 6: (All Browser)

Get the test in Page Source – This method is very Advance and not stable (different in every site), you can get it in 2 way by select right-click on wanted website and then go to “Inspect” or “View page source” then search to wanted test it must be in HTML so search for what between <p></p> or <div></div> this to test must be in between (code to paragraph) if you see <br> mean break new line and <a></a> mean link address mostly it open new website page.
Very helpful at search use “F3” in keyboard and small slide appear it search box that you can search what you want and find so quick because some site are in XML mean all the site in the page source you open. If you see and almost empty page and link for <iframe></iframe> then select in between because it’s the mean link (they use this way to try to hide the code form other user). This a basic stuff you need to know about HTML.
Good Luck (I hope It not reach this level)
Thank You For Reading 😉
Mohammad El-Musleh

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